These plates will adhere to any surface, doors, windows, walls
Use them for door name plates, company name plates, window signs, you name it

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Sometimes you find a product that just says WOW!
Most of our customers can't wait to get their Promo-Plates nameplates on their car.  The anticipation builds every day until they arrive and can be displayed the first time.

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From the instant you drive into traffic your Promo-Plates nameplate begins telling your story.  They also work while you're parked at the supermarket, the office parking lot or anyplace.
Everyone will want to know where you got your Promo-Plates nameplate  ...of course it's up to you if you tell or not.
Promo-Plates nameplates look classy on any car.  They're designed to enhance your car's appearance.
You know how many cars are directly behind you in traffic everyday.  That's about how often your message is seen.  Your next client may be directly behind you.
Buy 10 plates and get 1 Free

What is the size of the plates? a,c,e,n,i are 1" high
Lower case letters such as l,b,t,d,f are 1.25" high
All upper case letters and numbers are 1.25" high
Letter widths vary.
The maximum length of a Promo Plates plate is 18".

What letters and characters do you have?
Promo Plates has a full range of upper and lower case letters, and numbers.
We also have a number of special characters.  e.g... ://.-@~%_&!#?( ),'/$£
We also have a number of non-english language characters.  e.g... ß ü ä Ü  Ä ö ø

How long can the plates be?
Plates are made to the customer's text specifications up to a maximum or 22 letters/numbers.
(Punctuation marks such as : //  / , '  etc. are not counted.)  We only count actual letters or numbers.  If you need all upper case letters, please limit the number of letters to 19, not including punctuation.

I need an extra long plate, is there any way you can you do it?
Probably, email us the information.  We will do everything in our power to accommodate your wishes.   The cost of the plate will vary depending on the complexity of the task.

Are there discounts for volume?
Yes.  Prices vary depending on quantity ordered and text length.  Discount prices start at 50 units.  Please contact us directly for a quote.

Delivery is free world wide with a minimum order of two of any text.  For single orders please add $8.50.

Wait....Don't order yet.  There's more to learn.  
This may just be the best advertising value in the world.  
Assume you keep your car for three years.
Then the  cost of  your nameplate works out to about four cents per day 


Take the Promo-Plates NamePlates Challenge!
If you know of a better, more effective personal marketing value,
please let us know.
Let's face it, that expensive full page ad you ran yesterday is lining Aunt Polly's birdcage today.
For about the same cost as that ad you could have bought everyone in the office a Promo-Plates nameplate...
...that will keep on working  for you for years to come!

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